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28 February 2019

Board Flip

This Thursday skaters were taught to board flip and other variations of this core trick.

03 March 2019

First Sunday Lesson

With the launch of our Sunday lessons our initial attendee was taught the basics of skateboarding from riding to a board flip!

07 March 2019

Skateboard Limbo

This Thursday we began our first lesson of a month long balance course; improving skaters balance and confidence on a skateboard. Skaters ended the lesson by playing Limbo.

10 March 2019

Learning to ride and turn

As the ever second Sunday lesson began our skaters were taught how to ride and turn on a skateboard. They also learnt their first tricks such as the board flip.

14th March 2019

Walking the plank

As Thursdays skaters began their second week of their balance course they learnt how to dismount and jump back onto a skateboard. They were also greeted with a suprise coach Patrick Hyatt who shared his experience in skateboarding and helped the attendees develop their skills, whilst also providing some free skateboard magazines for the kids.

17th March 2019

New faces

As week 3 of the skateboarding course began on a Sunday 10 new skateboarders came to learn the sport. The new and old skaters were taught to perfect their riding whilst also learning to stop on a skateboard. Skaters were also taught how to coffin on a skateboard which everyone was thrilled to learn!

21st March 2019

2 wheel balancing

In this lesson the Skaters were taught how to ride a skateboard on 2 wheels; the tricks taught were a manual and tail slide.

24th March 2019

Building confidence

At this lesson I aimed to build skaters confidence while on a skateboard allowing them to control the board in a multitude of different ways.

28th March 2019

Perfecting Balance

Recap what we have gone over in the balance course and test the members abilities to do the tricks and skills in the course while bringing back the funniest aspects for members to enjoy.

14th April 2019

Introducing Ramps

In this lesson I introduced ramps to the attendees and built up their confidence as they used them to skate!

18th April 2019

Ramps and Cameras

On this lesson i introduced all attendees back and brought with me a camera man who helped film a promo video with consent of parents. Attendees were taught how to use the ramps from basic to intermediate skill levels.

21st April 2019

Ledge dropping

Skaters on this day were taught how to drop off a ledge correctly, while also learning to ride up and down ramps in a safe way.