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A Halifax Skate Park Guide

A small guide going through all the best skateparks in and around Halifax and their benefits to you!

Elland Skatepark

The first skate park on the list in Elland is one of the most local outdoor parks in Halifax, while it will require a bus to get to it is easily accessible via the 503 and well worth the travel. The Park is full of great ramps for both beginners and experts making it perfect for regular use. The is rarely packed out meaning that you will usually always be able to skate around freely (just watch out you don't cut off others using the park). However, the ground on the street section of the park is not the greatest and is important to watch out for (the ramp sections are all perfectly smooth).

Wellholme Skatepark

The next park is relatively new as it was newly built in recent years and due to this the surface is perfect in smoothness and level; making it great for beginners. While the park is relatively popular coming down mornings/mid-day will allow you to have the park mostly to yourself. The park is very small, there is only one quarter pipe and 4 flat banks but due to the design this is no issue as all the segments fit well together! This park is perfect for beginners from its smooth ground to variety of flat banks it will ensure anyone learns quickly.

Ripponden Skate Park

Ripponden Park again is relatively small but still bigger than Wellholme, the main issue is the distance as it may prove difficult to get there. The skate park unlike the offers a variety of different Quarter Pipe ramps as well as a Manual Box and a Rail. While the park is fun to ride it is designed towards skaters with some experience and may prove difficult for new skateboarders. But don't let this put you off it has plenty of flat ground and with some practice on the park anyone can master the park!

Mags On Ramps

Moving on now to Indoor skate parks, Mags on Ramps is by far the largest skate park close to Halifax. It features all the ramps you could ask for and is made from wood meaning that falling will hurt that little bit less. The park has 2 floors (Street and Park), allowing skaters to choose to skate in the areas they prefer. However, with this being an indoor park it is relatively expensive unlike the free parks and will cost £15 to skate there for the day! I will let you wonder if this is worth it but it is important to note that with all the different types of ramps you will progressively.

Orange Box

The last park on the list is Orange Box. Based in the Centre of Halifax next to the Piece Hall this small wooden park is perfect for anyone looking to have a quick skate or escape the rain. At the moment the park is free to use and while small has some small ramps and flat banks for beginners. If you haven't already we would highly suggest checking out the park. With it being in the town centre and a low cost option there is no reason not to!